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Auto Maintenance Tips in Campbell River

The best way to keep your car in excellent condition is with regular scheduled maintenance and repairs. By spending a little on regular maintenance you can save a lot later by avoiding a costly repair or a breakdown. The following are tips for you as to when you should be taking your car in to see us and our team for an inspection/servicing.


  • Bring your car in when you see that the tread on one side of the tire is used up more than the other side (tire wear)
  • When the steering wheel is pointing either left or right when you are driving straight (drivability issues)

Shocks and suspension

  • Noise on bumps or while taking corners
  • If the vehicle doesn’t drive properly
  • The bounce test (when you push down on the car where the tire is and the car bounces when it is released)
    • A visual inspection should be done for hydraulic leaks or broken springs if this is happening


  • When the brakes squeal
  • When there is brake dust on your wheels
  • If you feel a pulse when you step on the brakes (like the brake pedal is pushing back)

Muffler and exhaust

  • When it’s too loud
  • If you can smell an exhaust smell (it’s carbon monoxide) then it needs to be brought in
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